International Smile


Lucy Olivia Doughty @ Level 22

UK, British, South coast, West Sussex, England

5’8, Brunette, Hazel eyes (..and now I sound like I’m on a dating website!)

Adventure is my favourite word in the whole world, I think because even the sound of it seems exciting! I don’t know any time that anyone has ever asked me… ‘Let’s go on an adventure!’ I’ve turned round and said No! There’s a whole list of words that spring to mind when someone says that one word…

Adventure – Fun, New, Exciting, Adrenaline, Explore, Discover, Laughter, Happiness, Learn, Educate, Freedom and that’s just some off the top of my head for now…

For me growing up wasn’t always easy, like a lot of kids you just try your best to fit in and hope that you get an easy ride through school but sometimes it doesn’t matter where you place yourself in the scenario you can still find yourself victimized. Though something to remember, most situations in life are temporary and after time, regardless how short or long these miserable or joyous moments are, they will eventually come to an end and life goes on.

So with that attitude in mind I left my school days behind and starting to mold into my own person. With some work experience in the caring industry alongside the elderly, a failed long term relationship,  many dead beat jobs and a lack of love for my home town. It wasn’t long after school I started getting itchy feet and could feel urges to leave the nest in hope that there was more out there… Adventure had started to grasp my curiosity.

For me this Blog is not only a personal diary and a way for family and friends to keep updated with what I get up too around the world, but also for people who may be curious or intrigued by what the world has to offer and is maybe looking for facts, knowledge, Ideas or maybe even just a read into someone else’s life.

I am a massive animal lover and so you can expect posts about all my furry and scaly friends I have met along the way! Growing up we always had lots of pets, from big Horses to teeny tiny hamsters and fish, there was cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats (clean pet rats I’ll add!) and all the frogs, hedgehogs and snakes we’d get in the garden! My favourite of them all though would have to be the majestic Big cat family! I was fortunate enough to work alongside these beautiful creatures after I applied for a voluntary job on a safari park in Thailand, but you can catch up all about that in my other posts.

‘Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man’

I also have 3 younger siblings, 2 Brothers and a sister.. we are all very different but I have a good relationship with all of them.

My Mum is my rock in this world and has always supported me through every stage/phase/choice in my life and shown me nothing but love – A true inspiration! She has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and to be happy, though I scare her to death sometimes with the things I do! She always remains so close to me. She is the most kindest, giving and unselfish woman I know, I call her my ‘Marge’ as a nickname and I’m not really sure where it came from but she is the best Mother and Best friend I could have ever wished for!


My favourite thing I own is my world map on my bedroom wall which every time I get home I put a pin where I’ve been and connect a thread between each place. I also pin tickets, stickers, and little memories up and have a bag with loose change and notes from places I’ve been. Its makes me happy and keeps me motivated!

I genuinely find I prefer to be outside, active and in the company of good people. I love outdoor adventure courses and during my travels have spent many times working up in the tree tops instructing high ropes courses or zip lines, climbing walls, trapeze, abseil towers and many other rope based activities. I also had a fantastic opportunity during a winter season to learn to ski which I loved! I have been qualified as a paddle sports coach for sessions such as kayaking and canoeing and growing up always attended dance classes which I studied further at college including Jazz, Hip hop, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary and Musical theater, all of these activities led me to live a relatively active lifestyle and made me aware of my own personal diet and fitness abilities.

I am also TEFL qualified (teaching English as a foreign language) and hold 30hr online grammar, 120hr online TEFL, Standard TEFL and Advanced TEFL. I have experience teaching in local schools in Asia and hope to work closer with a range of children from all back grounds using this skill in the future.

The last few years I have spent working for different companies away on seasons, camps, volunteering, backpacking and touring so my Blog is mainly for people who are interested in following my stories and might feel curious them self’s to venture. I can honestly say I love what I am doing with my life and that I am learning everyday, not only about what I see but about myself too! If anyone has anything to pass back to me please feel free to leave a comment, if you know of any places, jobs, companies or things I’m missing out on please let me know, I’m always looking for new opportunities!

For more information visit my ‘Contacts and useful links’ page simply by selecting ‘International Smile’ in the header which will lead you to my other blog posts.

I hope you enjoy! ✌

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