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I am a big user of Instagram! Follow me for more pictures linked to the moments I post about online, put the picture to the story ūüôā – internationalsmile_17 / Lucy Olivia


Just a few bits and bobs that might not spring to mind but you might find handy when your on the road.

Backpackers ‘Don’t forget to pack’ list:

Digital alarm clock                                                           lightweight rain mac

Hand held torch                                                                Portable charger

Hand wash for clothes                                                    Washing line & pegs

Plug Adapters                                                                    Extension lead

                      Compact Sowing kit                                  Water bottle with replaceable filter sheets


You may have read my blogs about my volunteer experience.. I was part of the Big Cat team on a Safari Park in Thailand (November – December 2015). If you think it sounds interesting take a look for yourself’s, here’s a link to the website and some contact information…. I promise you wont regret it!

Or If you are not able to jet away any time soon but could spare a penny or two for these beautiful creatures then please use the contact information to make a donation! Your money goes towards enrichment materials, making the enclosures bigger and much, much more! 

For more information speak to Tat Jones (Head volunteer) her crazy, bubbly personality is far from scary so feel free to ask her any questions and also long term volunteer Jade Halsted is happy to help.

Tat Jones Email –

                                         Jade Halsted Email Р

Website URL –


Or you can always follow these Facebook/Instagram links to some of the more specific pages: – Photography by one of safari’s long term volunteers Raihaan Miah

Instagram – bigbaboonmedia – All of Safari’s big felines updates – All of Safari’s drewling doggy updates.¬†Also a donation link via the facebok page if you are able to help any contribution goes a long way! – ‘Our most recent project is this one. As a dedicated team of volunteers¬†from all over the world we are joining together to fundraise ¬£8,000 to build two of the parks bears a specialised enclosure¬†for them to enjoy their advanced¬†years in¬†relaxed, spacious¬†and enriching environment’ Donation link and more information via this website, a little goes a long way! – All the latest news and reasons to join the team!

Instagram – safariparkopenzoo


I am excited to announce a new project that will be launched through out 2017 with Natasha Jones and a great team of people supporting and building a new charity ‘Action For Dogs’.

‘Action For Dogs aims to increase awareness of the plight of domestic animals worldwide, help connect animal lovers with new members of the family, give honest feedback and advice on all things pet travel and help anyone who is struggling with the complicated process of transporting their rescue pets. We hope to grow and develop into a comprehensive and up to date resource for everything pet travel, in order to facilitate more doggy air miles, and more pups in happy, forever homes!’

Their are opportunities to become a flight volunteer and help assist animals to their ‘Forever homes’ if you are flying conveniently anyway. Their is also a future potential to be a dog foster carer and stay in Thailand, Kanchanaburi for free! The idea is to start a chain of dog foster homes over the area where volunteers can work to keep their accommodation in the houses with the dogs. Assisting them with plenty of love, interaction and walks whilst they are awaiting their flights to their new homes.

This website will be linked to my personal blog which will now include relevant posts for the project, helping to spread awareness for the cause. I am one of the authors for this website and will be posting¬†articles from ‘International Smile’ on my personal experiences and knowledge when working/living with strays or rescues.

This project will be developing through out the year including the website, blog links, practical voluntary effects and media awareness. Small things can make huge changes and so we really appreciate all the support we are able to gain! Below are the website links we would be thankful for any shares. Also there is the link to my email if you would like to contact me for more information or any questions. If you work or volunteer for an animal shelter, and would like us to list your organisation and feature adoptions, please use the “Information for rescue centres” resource listed at the top of the website page.

Email –

Website –

Blog –

For all you season workers out there, or those of you curious…

Here’s a few companies I have worked for and personally recommend:

PGL – Outdoor activity centers based over the UK, France, Spain and Australia. Job roles – Activity Instructor, Group Leader and a chance to be BCU (British Canoe Union) water sports trained to coach paddle sports. Duration: March – September/November.

Wild Packs – A company with many camps all over America. Job roles – Lifeguard, High ropes team, general adventure team, outback team, camp counselor, Trapeze, Sports coach, dance teacher, horse riding coach and woodwork staff. Duration: June – August (9 weeks). – Recruitment website for winter Ski seasons or summer seasons made up of 3 different companies: Esprit (family based holidays) Ski Total (Friends, relaxed stress-free get a ways) and Inghams (loyal guests including Lakes and Mountain holidays) Resorts are based in France, Italy and Austria. Job Roles – Rep, Manager, Chalet Assistant, Housekeeper, Caterer, Front of house, Snow ranger, Nanny, Driver and maintenance. Duration: November – April.

TUI (Thomson & First Choice) – Work with in the tourism industry In over 80 worldewide destinations. Job roles – Holiday Rep, scene rep, cabin crew, team leader, management, welfare, communications, airport, travel agent, mainstream, sales and many more. Duration: Summer, April – October. Winter 1, Nov – Jan. Winter 2, Jan – April.

And here are some more useful links and companies to check out!

websites for companies, travel, tours, volunteer work, conservation work, Internships, TEFL and gap years: – Company applications – Company applications – Job applications, Gap years and tours – Tours, Gap years – Gap year travel – Tours – Company applications – Company applications – Company Applications – Voluntary, Conservation and Internships: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, Australasia  РVoluntary: Africa – Voluntary: South America, Asia, Africa, Europe – Voluntary: Belize, Cambodia, Ghana, India, Madagascar, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam – TEFL – TEFL Internships – TEFL Internships – Working holidays, Voluntary, Au Pair, Teaching, Community, internships: Australia, South Pacific, USA, Canada, South America, Central America, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia

Season workers:

Acorn Adventure – Wales, France, Spain, Italy

Robin Wood – UK

Neilson – Greece, Turkey

PGL – UK, France, Spain, Australia

Interski – Italy

Ecoventure – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Manor Adventure – UK, France

Camp America – USA

Camp leaders – USA

NY Quest – Canada

Holiday Companies:

TUI Thompson and First Choice

Thomas Cook


Scott Dunn

Mark Warner


Esprit / Ski Total / Inghams

The backpackers and travellers bibles: – reviews – World plug types

Health Protection:

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