10 Emotions you are likely to feel before going travelling

So here I am again… bags packed in the hallway, passport ready on the side, my bedroom packed away and is now the guest bedroom for the upcoming summer and a mixture of emotions trailing through my mind.

I am about to start a summer season in the glorious Greek Islands and more specifically for me, Corfu. I am excited to be working out there as a holiday rep. This is my next adventure and one I am going into completely blind, however with past season work experience I am sure it is going to be a blast!

For most of my fellow travelers you might be able to relate to the feelings that start to occur in the last few days/hours before your arrival.

  1. EXCITEMENT!  I put this first as surely for most of us this is the reason we choose to get out into the big wide world, it is an escape from normality and a chance to refresh and look at the world with a pair of new eyes.
  2. NERVOUS! Alongside the excited trails those little butterflies deep within your stomach that can make the count down become a bit of a drag! Stepping into the unknown is always scary but the truth is, now you just got to get there because the waiting game is what feeds those nerves and once you have arrived in your destination usually that all fizzles away.
  3. ANTICIPATION! You start to expect or predict and question yourself about what is ahead of you. Will I make friends easily? What will my accommodation be like? Is it going to be everything I hoped for? Your head begins to wonder of all the possibilities you could be about to face and whether your ready… the answer is yes! They are scenarios we are programmed as human beings to make monsters out of in our heads, however when it gets to it all of these things are a natural part of the process and you will find yourself gradually adjusting to your new lifestyle.
  4. CONFIDENCE! There is a surge of strength rushing through your body and your feeling pretty dam invincible right now! You’ve broken free from the everyday routine and are about to take grown up steps into new surroundings and cultures. You feel proud that you have achieved something you have worked hard for and set your mind to. Finally here you are about to turn the corner and start a new journey, it is a good self confidence boost! YOU CAN do it, YOU WILL do it and YOU ARE capable!
  5. DETERMINATION! So you put a tick in the box for your current upcoming adventure however this only urges you to proceed to more. Travel will help you to grow and quite often people find themselves catching the famous ‘Travel bug’. Before you have even completed what your about to go and do you are already dreaming or maybe even planning another adventure to follow. This is great! Especially if it is season work your interested in as usually for applicants you need to be at least 6 months ahead of the game to better your chances of employment.
  6. ANXIOUS! You start to feel uneasy about something with an uncertain outcome. No body can predict what influence this journey is going to have on you or how different you may feel once you are back to reality. However it is the anxiety in you that pulls you back from being impetuous and will try to convince you that your safe zones are more than full filling. Anxiety is a normal emotion and a healthy one at that! It helps to keep you level and most importantly safe. Try not to feed these anxiety’s as there is a fine line between them being your ‘ Mr Sensible’ side and your hold back.
  7. ENLIGHTENMENT! There is a sense of relief and a weight off your shoulders, you have possibly left your job, sold your car, left your home… You start to feel freedom and lack of responsibilities, its like letting out a deep breath. You are about to discover a whole new place and one you might even love enough to call home. An insight to another way of life or even a change of scenery can be enough to enlighten anybody. Travelling will teach you more than you ever realized, you are constantly learning and educating yourself.
  8. OPTIMISTIC! You feel hopeful and confident about the future, things have taken a brighter turn. There is confidence is what you say to people in response to your upcoming adventure and you genuinely believe that the best thing for you is to keep moving forwards. The routine you attend on a day to day basis at home does not satisfy you anymore and you become optimistic. There is more in life than working to pay bills.
  9. PASSIONATE! If you have committed yourself to leaving the nest then you must be feeling pretty passionate in the choices you have made. Whether you are about to work very hard in an industry you show interest in, or see places you have only ever dreamed about. There is a spark inside of you and the light can not wait to grow. This light is fed through our passions and is something we are prepared to stand by with a strong opinion, intense emotions and something that we believe is the right thing.
  10. BRAVE! You have shown courage and feel ready to face the world! Maybe there was a time in your life where you doubted you would ever be able to be brave and do this on your own. This feels like your reward for achieving something you only ever dreamed about, with being brave it is something that once you have proved to yourself you can do, you want to find more of. Every time you start to feel those anxiety’s creeping back up on you, find your brave and then you will find your balance.


I believe these emotions are what most people relate to before going travelling. Some people may suffer from certain emotions more than others and they become more highlighted and can begin to create what I call, demons in our heads… Its all about trying to find that healthy balance between them all.


Here are some words from all around the world that describe travel in a way that makes it all worth while…

RESFEBER (Swedish), the restless race of the travelers heart before the journey begins when anxiety and anticipation are tangles together a ‘travel fever’ that can manifest as an illness.

DERIVE (Latin/French), a spontaneous journey where the traveler leaves their life behind for a time to let the spirit of the landscape and architecture attract and move them.

EUDAIMONIA (Greek), ‘Human flourishing’ a content state of being happy, healthy and prosperous.

SEHNSUCHT (German), The inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know now what a yearning for a far, familiar, non-earthly land one can identify as one’s home.

ELEUTHEROMANIA (Greek), An intense and irresistible desire for freedom.

SAUDADE (Portugese), A nostalgic longing to be near again to something or someone that is distant, or that has been loved and then lost ‘the love that remains’.

STURMFREI (German), The freedom of not being watched by a parent or superior, being alone at a place and having the ability to do what you want.

FERNWEH (German), An ache for distance places, the craving to travel.

LIVSNJUTARE (Swedish), One who loves life deeply and lives it to the extreme.

SOLIVAGANT (Latin), Wandering alone.

WABI-SABI (Japanese), finding beauty in imperfections.

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