Survival of the fittest

Something that I have always strongly felt to be very mistaken in this world is the strength between human and animal. Mankind will use machines, devices, weaponry and much more to secure what he beliefs is his, to feed themselves with power  and gain authority through fear. An animal lives moment to moment and runs off its senses, an animal is smart and is programmed to survive and breed, using instinct and hunting tactics that keep its species alive. A man can capture a bear and put that bear in a cage, convinced he has power over this creature… but take that bear out of that cage and who is truly more superior?!

It is frustrating to see people under estimate animals, especially dogs which are highly intelligent animals and can use their senses to gage emotions. We should never lose respect for the animals boundaries… their past makes them complicated creatures!

 Something I will share from my personal experience is a story about the first time I can say I was ever truly scared by a dog…

It was on the safari park where I was working in Thailand doing some voluntary work, we had a handful of street dogs which were now looked after by the volunteers, some had been there longer than others. Daisy who was a lovely black and white female had recently had a gorgeous litter of puppies! Though she wasn’t always the best mum and would often leave the puppy’s crying for food, she was very good at being a part timer and when she did want to play the mummy role you could see she loved her babies and was very protective of them. One night I had put Daisy and the puppy’s into my room to get some rest whilst myself and the other volunteers stayed out later with a bottle of Chang! Later on in the evening when I headed back to my room I entered with the lights off and walked across the room towards the bathroom but Daisy could not recognize me in the dark. I had only been at the park for a matter of days and I was not someone she was completely familiar with yet, with teeth right out, a nasty snarling growl and standing tall on her back legs she had quickly cornered me away from the door – though I’m not entirely sure I would have been able to move, in fear that if I did she would have gone for me. Luckily for me Tammy who lived next door was in her room when she heard Daisy growling at me and she quickly came in turning on the light. As soon as it was light Daisy went back to four legs and was wagging her tail at me as if nothing had happened, she was only being protective of her babies as a strange dark figure walked through the room, you forget that once upon a time this could have been a big threat to her.

I was a little shaken by the experience but it taught me a lot. Do not under estimate a creature that has had to fight for survival no matter how timid or adorable they might come across. Even Daisy who was used to human interaction and had been in this environment for a fair amount of time, their is clearly still those scars in their memory’s that will stay forever no matter how bright their futures may have become – It is like an human recovering from a broken childhood


 For more information on the safari dogs check out my ‘Its a hard life for a street dog page’ and for information on how to stay safe around strays see my ‘stay safe with strays’ page. Simple click ‘International Smile’ in the header to access my other blog posts. Thank you for reading!

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