Water and Wood

Let me start by saying some of my best friends are Christians and I see their journey through God and support the fact this brings them peace and guidance! I have found myself as a none religious person, unable to connect with the idea that our fait lies in the hands of a man that almighty we call him God, but however, that does not mean I do not believe in something bigger and deeper than ourselves, something that we will never quite understand or discover the answers to all our questions. I believe that’s the way it is meant to be.

I have just began to read this book called ‘Memoiris of a Geisha’ My two friends recommended I see this through as I have never completed an ‘adult’ book in my life and have found myself drawn to the way this one is written only from the first 2 chapters! I’m sure it seems slightly strange that someone who blogs and enjoys to write her journeys and share her experiences can find a daunting tremble when picking up a book and seeing the pin sized text scattered from page to page endlessly. However a small paragraph caught my attention and I feel it has relevance to what I am trying to put in to words myself right now…

‘My mother always said she’d married my father because she had too much water in her personality and he had too much wood in his. Water flows from place to place quickly and always find a crack to spill through. Wood, on the other hand, holds fast to the earth. With all this water and wood, the two of them ought to have made a good balance and produced children with the proper arrangements of elements’.

I read on to approach another small sentence which I found as an intriguing descriptive, talking about how her mother was dying,

‘I didn’t realize the water was draining out of her because of her illness. Just as seaweed is naturally soggy, you see, but turns brittle as it dries, my mother was giving up more of her essence’.

Take the Yin with the Yang, take the good with the bad. Life is all about balance, balance is healthy. The more places I am visiting and the many ways I watch people live their life’s, more windows keep appearing, a sight in to how other people live, the definition behind happiness. See, like the seaweed turning brittle, sometimes we have the power to flood our own essence with water and share those elements to people who aren’t as equipped to do so.

Whatever we do or wherever we go in life we are always inspiring somebody else! Giving someone else a boost of confidence, a hope or belief, because whatever we might pick ourselves apart far, to someone else is a motivation. The division between the rich and the poor across the globe is impeccable and hard to absorb when you watch one man live like a king and another barely clothed. Though this does not differ us from our souls, what is beneath the suit we wear as skin, we are people, we need water to survive, we need food to survive, we have a heartbeat, we desire love, we challenge ourselves, we overcome and we prosper. I have recently felt more in touch with the acceptance of taking the good with the bad, we hit the bad days hard allowing ourselves to become our own worst enemies and allowing our light to be burnt out with self pity. Its ok, we are allowed those bad days, take them as they come, allow yourself to feel upset or angry because when you do there will soon be a reason to swallow your sadness and stand up tall again, sometimes we need to hit lows or experience something bad in order to grow and treasure the good things.

But I have also learnt that life is full of miracles we are often blind to see, or turn our backs to. There are signs everywhere in life helping to guide us, if you stop to look you will realise that these miracles are not always going to make a huge presence or seem out of place, but could be as simple as deciding to do something different from your ‘normal’ routine which lead to dodging an accident, meeting someone who drives you to achieving goals, someone doing a favour that they didn’t need to go out of their way for, an act of compassion in a time of need… These small miracles in life are what get us through day to day and remind us not to let ourselves become dry, brittle seaweed.


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One thought on “Water and Wood

  1. I like what you’ve written… It makes me stop and think .which is something we all need to do , to wonder , to think , to question .God bless you Hun ,we are more alike than we sometimes realise xxxxx


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