About myself


Lucy Olivia Doughty @ Level 21

UK, British, South coast, West Sussex, England

5’8, Brunette, Hazel eyes (..and now I sound like I’m on a dating website!)

I love to travel and find adventure (my favourite word in the whole world) whilst in the company of good people, creating memories and sharing laughter.

I love animals especially Big Cats! and like most girls, most things fluffy will melt my heart and make me ‘coo’ weird noises in a high pitched voice.
At home I have a cat, a dog and two rabbits which makes coming home after being away a little more exciting, I always miss them.

Milly is a Spoodle (Cocker spaniel, poopdle cross) She’s an old girl now but such a gentle, sweet and easily excitable little thing. She became apart of this family the day she arrived and we couldn’t have asked for a better family dog.

Wilbur a.k.a my ginger tiger is a tabby and still young. He moved in with us after his original owner (our old next door neighbour) moved to Australia. Straight away we all fell in love with his character, he is very vocal and chatty and loves to chase string! He is also my long term roomate and we often have snuggle sessions.

Babysham and Merlin are our two house bunnies that hop around looking ridiculously cute all the time! Merlin is a very tame and gentle Dwarflop and to keep him company we adopted the sassy Babysham (which is why she kept her name) who is a lion head.

I also have 3 younger siblings, 2 Brothers and a sister.. we are all very different but I have a good relationship with all of them.

Me and Ted

Me and Jessica

Me and zak

All the little things that make me happy….breath taking scenery’s, Art, Music, Bonfires, starry nights, sunrise/sunset, Dancing, Singing your heart out when no one’s around, the sound of the acoustic guitar being played in the background, The sound of a storm outside whilst your wrapped up in bed, That good feeling after a workout, Peanut butter, the colors purple and blue, Disney, Vans Trainers, Creative minds, Fruity cider, soap and glory products and those good hair days!

My favourite thing I own is my world map on my bedroom wall which everytime I get home from an adventure I put a pin where I’ve been and connect a thread between each place. I also pin tickets, stickers, and little memories up and have a bag with loose change and notes from places I’ve been. Its makes me happy and keeps me motivated!



…But I miss having it to look at when I’m travelling, so I take my blow up globe along with me instead so I can still gaze at all the countries I’m yet to visit and keep adding to my already massive ‘To do’ list.


The ingredients to good company….A beaming smile, Utterly goofy,  a dry witty humor, a warm heart, an open mind, an empathetic nature, unique, quirky, a contagious laugh, Independence, Confidence and good at listening (I talk alot!)
I love meeting new people from all over the world and listening to lots of different stories, backgrounds, up-bringings, beliefs and morals. People with these qualities inspire me to achieve my dreams and be a better person…but generally I’m not picky when it comes to making friends… if your nice to me I will be nice to you.

Hobbies and Interests… TRAVELLING! Rope based activities (abseiling, climbing, zip lining, high ropes courses etc..) Water sports (Kayaking, canoeing etc..) Dancing, General Fitness (diet and exercise) Skiing.

I have spent the last few years working for different companies away on seasons, camps, volunteering, travelling and touring so my Blog is mainly for people who are interested in following my stories and maybe feel curious them self’s to try these things. I love it! and can honestly say the last 3 years have been the best of my life so far. Please feel free to leave comments I am always whiling to learn new things/skills so if anyone has anything to pass back to me or knows of any companies/work they can recommend me I’m always looking for new opportunities! (see my ‘Companies and useful links’ page for more info)

I hope you enjoy! ✌

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